Selecting the most appropriate channels for your business is crucial, right from the get go. And as we well know, knowing your audience is of the utmost importance in order to grow your presence on these channels.

If you are looking into Facebook (which you should be doing), a lot of times the question comes up whether a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group is better.

Although they are both different in their own ways, they are both still pretty important. It depends what your motives are.

Let’s just get straight into it…

Facebook Groups

  • Links people who have a common interest and purpose
  • Creates a community (remember, consumers want to to engage with a face, not necessarily the company name and logo)
  • Provides more personal engagement
  • Drives focused attention to a call to action
  • Allows you to receive immediate feedback from polls
  • You can announce offers and give your community first-hand insights into specials and freebies
  • Helps you to build trust by providing value
  • Discussion and interactions happen amongst all members
  • Allows you to set rules for the group
  • You can ban whoever doesn’t abide by the rules
  • You can set the group to private if it suits you better
  • The Admin’s personal pages are available publicly for all members to see
  • Doesn’t have the analytical features like a Facebook page has

Above is an example of a Facebook Group, Fifth Floor, that a blogger and YouTuber, Ashley Brooke, has created in order to keep her community of women who follow her and receive her monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine very close knit. These ladies can post their own questions, ask any advice and interact as they please. This group has become a strong female empowerment platform where these ladies feel like they can trust each other without have ever even meeting. This group is also private which is a wonderful bonus.

Facebook Pages

  • Puts priority on the voice as well as the posts of the page which ultimately is what has control over what appears
  • The role of the followers is more to comment and react to posts by admin
  • The admin controls what appears which alleviates any spam or unrelated posts
  • Promoting posts is a key feature
  • You, as the administrator, are given insights towards audience demographics, post reach, audience engagement, and more
  • Allows you to schedule upcoming posts which will automatically publish
  • There is no privacy as the page is visible to everyone
  • Not very suitable if you would like to create a close-knit community

Above is Ashley Brooke again, who also has a Facebook page. However, her page is more so filled with content about her, the events she’s at and anything else related to herself as the brand. There is a lot less interaction on her page as people are only able to like and comment, not make their own posts. The page is public for everyone to see, so it is not as close-knit as her group.

So, basically, a Facebook Group is more suitable if you would like to have a community of like-minded individuals who can share and interact freely and personally. A Facebook Page is more suitable if you want to build your brand to anyone and everyone, publicly, by showing visual elements and updated news. It is also suitable if you want to promote the brand itself and not any individual (like the CEO or owner).

Simple and sweet, but this is pretty much the gist of differentiating each feature. Which one will you choose?

Find The Digital Collar’s Facebook page here, and the Facebook Group here. We’d love for you to join our community! 😃