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Trying to increase Instagram followers is not an easy process that just happens overnight, especially now with how many accounts there are on Instagram (over 1 billion!).

It takes a lot of smart work and dedication to increase Instagram followers for you or your brand. With the tips and tricks below, we’re sure they will help you out moving forward.

  1. Post more videos and utilise IGTV
  2. Appear in the Related Accounts Suggestions
  3. Use other platforms to promote your Instagram content
  4. Be consistent with your brand story and its aesthetic
  5. Be consistent with posting
  6. Look into paid advertising and Instagram Insights
  7. Utilise Instagram Stories
  8. Engage in communities within your niche
  9. Use relevant hashtags

Let’s get into it.

Increase Instagram Followers Tip #1: Post More Videos And Utilise IGTV

Short and long-form videos are more likely to gain and increase traction to your feed. With more people viewing your video posts, this could result in an extra follow here and there.

If you are a travel account, post videos of your travel adventures. You can even make a series on IGTV, for example, ‘Indian Travels’ or ‘Mediterranean Travels.’

There is a specific designated destination for IGTV videos on your profile which allows viewers to head straight there instead of having to scroll through your feed to find them.

You don’t need a whole budget to make your videos look professional either. Just your phone and natural lighting will do the job just fine.

Also keep in mind that viewers like to see faces behind the brand, so don’t be shy to post videos of yourself too!

Increase Instagram Followers Tip #2: Appear In The Related Accounts Suggestions

When visiting an Instagram profile, once you click on the downward arrow under the bio (see below), Instagram will suggest other accounts to follow which is based on who you follow, your interests, as well as that account’s activity.

Screenshot of The Dairy Den's Instagram profile page.

It’s a great tip to try and be seen on the suggested list. However, this is all trial and error. The best ways to show up there is to continuously engage with other brands’ posts. This will show Instagram that there is some form of a relationship.

Secondly, ensure that your Name section in your bio is relatable to your brand, as this field is searchable. For example, if you work whilst traveling, your Name could be ‘Nomad Traveler’ or ‘Travelling Nomad.’ So, other relatable brads and individuals will appear in the Suggested For You section.

A screenshot of The Digital Collar's Instagram profile

Increase Instagram Followers Tip #3: Use Other Platforms To Promote Your Instagram Content

Posting your content solely on Instagram is not enough. You need to expand your strategy if you want to increase Instagram followers.

Utilise other platforms to share your Instagram context such as your website, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and your email newsletter.

You never know, someone could be scrolling through one of the platforms above and come across your content that they may be drawn to, which will lead them to your Instagram page. This would of course not have happened otherwise.

Increase Instagram Followers Tip #4: Be Consistent With Your Brand Story And Its Aesthetic

Try to get your feed to have a cohesive look that viewers will instantly be able to recognise and relate with your brand.

If you are a fashion retailer and you start posting cars or interior design content, it’s going to confuse the viewers and they probably won’t stay. It doesn’t make sense.

So, figure out your branding story and the aesthetic you want to be associated with and stick to that.

A screenshot of Nostalic Now's Instagram feed.
Credit: @nostalig_now

This point also related to your captions. Make sure they are compelling and engaging. Simply adding emoji(s) to your caption is not enough. Tell a story make them interesting and relatable.

A screenshot of one of Nostalic Now's Instagram posts and caption.

Increase Instagram Followers Tip #5: Be Consistent With Posting

Read this tip again and again and again.

Being consistent with your posting is not something to take lightly.

This doesn’t mean that you have to post daily (although it does make quite a difference), but posting 3 times per week even is perfect too.

That’s why having a plan and strategy is important. Plan your content in advance, even schedule it to post automatically (Later is a great platform fo this, and more) but just make sure you are consistent.

Remember, your followers are there for a reason so don’t let them down.


Increase Instagram Followers Tip #6: Look Into Paid Advertising And Instagram Insights

Paid advertising on Instagram is very powerful.

You are able to reach individuals in your niche who would have not seen your profile otherwise.

Target your exact audience by the following categories:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Behavious

You can also promote your Instagram Stories, but make sure that you are aware of the specific guidelines for this case.

If you plan your content in advance, you’ll be able to plan your ad spend too. Put together a budget for each month and utilise this to gain new followers and potential customers.

Looking into your Instagram insights will also give you a good guideline of how your profile is performing.

You can view your content impressions, engagement, website clicks and more, as well as information bout your followers. Use these insights to adjust your strategy.

Increase Instagram Followers Tip #7: Utilise Instagram Stories

It’s not just about posting directly to your feed and leaving. You need to be engaging with your audience.

Instagram Stories is an important tool in order to reach a larger audience and engage with your current audience.

Use the hashtag and location features in your stories to reach other individuals. Also utilise the many stickers available such as polls, countdown, quizzes and questions.

Increase Instagram Followers Tip #8: Engage In Communities Within Your Niche

Search for accounts that are relevant to your brand and engage with them. Like the posts, share them and comment (make sure your comments are a bit more interesting than “I love it!” or “Nice!”).

Other followers that follow accounts you’re engaging in will see your comments and this will potentially lead them to your profile. Also, Instagram recognises how much you are engaging which gives you a greater chance of being featured in the Explore tab.

Increase Instagram Followers Tip #9: Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are very important for reaching a large audience, both on your posts and stories.

Use hashtags that are generic as well as ones that are more specific. Don’t only use hashtags that have a high number of posts already, this won’t make your post be seen as easily than if you were to use a more specific hashtag (for example, #interiordesigner vs #interiordesignercapetown).

Learn more about using hashtags here.

Keep in mind that your Instagram profile won’t gain thousands of followers overnight (unless you happen to do something that goes viral). Generally speaking, it is quite the process and it does take time. So be patient and consistent and you will start seeing results.


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