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Once your email list starts growing, you can begin to think of what content you can include in your email newsletter. Of course, the content must suit your brand, the products and services you offer, and everything your audience would be interested in.

This takes some time and a lot of trial and error, but eventually you’ll figure it out.

In order to help you out, we’ve put together a list of email newsletter content ideas which involve the following categories:

We’re sure you’ll find the ones best suited for your brand below!

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#1: Offer Support To Your Customers In Your Email Newsletter

You want to try help your subscribers as much as possible by answering questions before you even get them. This will give you so much advantage in becoming the thought leader in your industry. To do this, you could include the following:

1. Round-up

Give your subscribers a round-up of your latest blog posts, or even older blog posts that you want to resurface again. Include any videos or social posts too.

2. How-to’s

Include content that helps your subscribers with step-by-step instructions. If you’re a luggage-selling company, this could include showing your audience how to pack your clothes in one of your new-in suitcases.

3. Infographic

Adding an infographic in your email newsletter is a great break from all the text people usually get in their newsletters. Include an interesting statistic or chart.

4. Lists

Any type of listed content that you can put into your newsletter is perfect as this is very inviting for viewers to read. For example, a florist could include ‘The Top 10 Most Popular Flowers for Spring.’

#2: Include Promotional Content In Your Approach

An important note when including promotional content in your email newsletters is to not go overboard with being too salesy as this may send many people away. Content to include would be:

5. Product launch

Create exposure to a product that will be releasing. Include what it is, when it’s coming out and any other relevant information to keep your customers excited.

6. Coupon

Email newsletter subscribers love a subscriber-only coupon. So offer this once in a while as it’s highly likely you’ll keep them as a trusted long-term customer.

Including business-related content is always a good idea so that you can educate your subscribers about your company and all the important (and fun) information to keep them up-to-date.

7. Letter from the CEO

In order to maintain a loyal relationship with your customers, include a letter from the CEO once in a while. The letter could be regarding a change in the company, a thank you for support, a new offer, etc.

8. History

Tell your customers a bit about the history behind the company. Don’t make it too long-winded, but rather include the most interesting points. Perhaps it’s the company’s anniversary, so this is a great moment to include a bit of history as content.

9. Team

Customers enjoy knowing who’s behind all the work that your company provides. Include members of your team and a brief description of who they are and their role in the company. Another fun idea is to show the employee of the week.

10. Changes

Your newsletter is the perfect place to inform customers of any changes that are taking place in the business- big or small. Always keep your customers up-to-date to avoid confusion and unnecessary issues.

11. FAQ

If there are frequently asked questions from customers, include the answers in an email so that it saves your sales and customer service team a lot of time. This way, you can avoid getting these questions asked again in the future by as many individuals.

12. Solutions

You might have a period of unhappy customers. Address this problem in your newsletter along with your solutions. This shows customers that you hear them and will allow them to be more patient with the issue.

13. Behind the scenes

A fun approach to a newsletter is to show your customers what goes on behind the scenes of a project. Include image and video content.

14. Challenges

Create challenges for your customers to engage in. For example, for a fitness brand, you could include a 7-day challenge and everyday for a week you email your audience the respective challenge.

#4: Notify Customers About Events Taking Place

If you have any events coming up, your newsletter is the place to reach all your customers, and the potential ones. An event could get the process rolling for potential customers to attend and make their decision to convert into a customer or not.

15. Invitations

Include any events coming up in your email newsletter to get your customers excited. Don’t forget to add a link for them to RSVP.

16. Reminders

If your customers bought tickets for an event, send them a reminder closer to the time. Along with this, resend the invitations to any customers who haven’t bought tickets or RSVP’d yet, they may have simply forgotten or possibly change their minds to attend.

To learn how to build an email list, click here

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