About Us

Xanthi Georgiades, founder of The Digital Collar

After many years of experience in digital marketing – both in South Africa and London – I decided to take my natural love for all things digital and create The Digital Collar (plus have the mompreneur life I always envisioned).

I created The Digital Collar to help brands grow their online presence through genuine and organic measures, and to be able to take each brand and tell a story to connect with their audience.I am passionate about building strong relationships with each client, with open communication and each of their morals and values in mind throughout each project.

Knowing that each brand is completely different, we take a deep dive into the aesthetics and personality of each brand in order to embody it and target the respected audience with high quality and individualised content. We interact with current and potential audience types to create a trustworthy relationship and a constant demand for more.

I hope to be a part of your growth online! Are you ready to get started?


Communicative, Clear, Organised, Results Focused, Forward Thinkers and Passion Driven



Team Players, Relationship Building, Honesty, Innovation, Accountability and Constant Improvement


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